“It is our vision to optimise social and economic independence and full participation for people with disabilities.

A culture of empowerment remains a driving force for Virtually Accountable in order to support people with disabilities

Our Promise to YOU

We will always empower individuals with the knowledge to exercise complete choice and control, and utlise their NDIS plan to its full potential!

  • All services will be acted upon in a timely manner
  • We will provide the service you are agreed to.
  • Contact immediately with any concerns.
  • We will include you in all decision made regarding your plan.
  • We will advocate for you, were necessary.
  • We will act in your best interests always.
  • We will work within the Privacy Act and Code of Conduct always.
  • Obeying all the rules and laws that applies, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 and the National Disability Insurance Scheme Rules.

NDIS Funding Options Explained

NDIS Funding Options Explained.  Ways to manage your NDIS funding.

What is NDIS Plan Management?

Plan Management is one of the four options NDIS participants have to manage their NDIS funds:

Agency Managed: The NDIA holds the funds and pays providers through the NDIS Portal. This is the most common option (68% of participants).

Self Managed: NDIS participants/nominees receive invoices directly (in arrears) & then are responsible for ensuring timely payment. They can either pay the invoice first & then claim reimbursement via the NDIS portal or claim the invoice amount from the NDIA on the portal and then pay after receiving the funds.

If you can afford it within your self-managed support budgets, you can choose to use some of your NDIS funding to get professional advice and assistance to set up and manage your NDIS plan budget and pay your providers. For times that you can not use the myplace portal there is a payment request form. Virtually Accountable is able to assist you with this.

Plan Managed: A financial intermediary (i.e. an accountant or bookkeeper) manages the Plan. Providers invoice the Plan Manager. A combination of the above What does a Plan Manager do? Plan Management is, in its essence, a financial intermediary function. As a minimum, a Plan Manager is responsible for;

* Receiving invoices: Directly from provider Via participant
* Claiming from NDIS Portal Paying Invoices
* Providing a monthly statement to participant including Summary of expenditure and breakdown of budget totals remaining.

Some Plan Managers may also engage act as a service intermediary or skills builder, supporting a participant to;

* Establish service agreements with providers
* Explore different budgeting options or scenarios
* Build their financial literacy Develop self-management capabilities

Why would a participant want to use a Plan Manager?
Participants who choose Plan Management have a few distinct advantages: You can buy supports from non-NDIS registered providers (local community members or organisations and Therapists who have chosen not to register). Also, you don’t have to use the NDIS Portal. You have a partner in navigating the NDIS and someone to help you make the most of your Plan. You have most of the choice and control of Self Management without the administrative burden.

Combination: Alternatively, you can elect to be a combination of all three of the above.

Virtually Accountable Plan Management

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