Plan Management

Virtually Accountable is proud to deliver NDIS Plan Management Services, virtually across Australia and in-person to the Limestone Coast, South Australia Region.

Virtually Accountable NDIS Plan Management Services - budget and support graphics.

What is Plan Management?

Plan management is about making sure all your providers get paid and all your supports are in line with your plan. While support coordination is about getting your supports booked and making sure all your supports happen. Plan management is an intermediary that you can appoint to pay your NDIS supports.

Plan-management is like self-managing your NDIS funds, except a Plan Manager pays the bills for you.

At your NDIS planning meeting, you need to choose how the funds in your NDIS plan are managed. That is, how you want your service providers and supports to be paid.
If you choose to have your funds plan-managed, you will receive funding from the NDIS in your plan to pay for this.

There are three ways that you can manage your NDIS funds:

Or you can choose a combination of the above.

What happens if you choose Plan-Management?

If you choose Plan-Management, you’ll have a Plan Manager to:

  • Process invoices and claims
  • Pay your providers for the supports you purchase
  • Help you keep track of your funds, and
  • Do any financial reporting for you.

Do I have to pay extra for a Plan Manager?

You will not have to pay extra, or out of your own pocket for Plan-Management. If you choose to have your funds Plan-Managed, you can ask for this during your NDIS planning meeting.

If reasonable and necessary, it will be funded as a part of the funds in your NDIS plan.

If you choose to have your funds plan-managed, you can select registered or non-registered providers to deliver your other services. However, the Plan Manager you choose MUST be a registered NDIS provider.

As Plan Manager we take care of participants paper work, pay participants service providers on their behalf, request payments on participants behalf from the portal for budgets that are plan managed. We store participants invoices electronically and provide monthly statements of participants spending and track spending against their budgets for supports that are plan managed.

For Self Managed Funds, we are able to provide support connections to enable you to utilise your plan to the best of your potential.

What’s Not Included for Plan Management

Virtually Accountable are not responsible for explaining participants NDIS plan, we do not implement services, monitor services, monitor spending beyond plan management. We do not assist in accessing informal community or mainstream services on behalf of the participant.

We are not responsible to negotiate services or pricing, or service agreements with service providers.

Virtually Accountable will not be responsible for decision making on budget breakdown for each support category or changing or ending a service booking/agreement with service providers.

Virtually Accountable is not responsible for plan reviews, plan administration, support coordination service or advocacy service. However, we will keep your best interest at the forefront and strive for positive outcomes to the best of our ability.

I choose Plan Management, what do I expect?

The person that built your plan will put in a referral of service to your chosen Plan Manager or ask you to complete the sign-up process.

Virtually Accountable will send you a Welcome email at this time with the details of the service agreement, privacy act, and consent to share information, any questions are accepted at

You are welcome to advise all providers that invoices are to go to You will receive monthly statements around your spending. If you would like to preapprove invoices, we ask that you request the provider to send invoices to you first and then you are able to forward these on to us.

If you would like to chat, we are available on 0439 792 881, if we are not able to answer, please leave a message and we will call you as soon as we can.