Payment Policy

One of the most important aspects of working with the NDIS is making sure you get paid. At Virtually Accountable, we know how critical cash flow is to your business. That’s why we can help you get your invoices paid as quickly and easily as possible.

Getting Your Invoices Paid Faster and Easier

For service providers whose invoices are to be processed by Virtually Accountable. Please send invoices to

How We Get Your Invoices Paid

Virtually Accountable can help you get your invoices paid as quickly as within 5 business days.*

Exact payment times depend on information provided on your invoice, and NDIA approval of payment request.

The process of claiming your invoice

How To Submit Your Invoices

You can submit your invoice to Virtually Accountable Via Email:

Or via Postal:
SA clients to: PO Box 9773, Mount Gambier West, South Australia 5291.
QLD clients to: PO Box 3844, Burleigh Town, Queensland, 4220


Send your invoice to Virtually Accountable to Please note we can only process invoices which are sent to us as PDF. Do not send links to your invoices, or word documents.

As our team needs to manually file, review and validate invoices received by email, it will take up to 7 business days*. However, we do endeavour to have the invoices processed as quickly as possible.

Make sure you include the following details to make sure your invoice can be processed by the NDIS (More in depth below):

  • Your business name, ABN and bank details
  • An invoice number
  • The customer’s full name and NDIS number
  • The service provided (include the NDIS line item number if known)
  • The date that the invoice was issued AND the date the service was delivered
  • The number of hours of support provided and at what hourly rate
  • Invoice total (including GST – the GST cannot be on top of the maximum hourly rate).

How To Receive Payments

Virtually Accountable will process all payments directly to your invoiced Bank Details.

EFT Payments: We will credit your payment within 2 business days of receiving and clearing your payment from the NDIA*.

How Plan Management Services work

A Plan Management Service is often defined by the NDIS and related organisations as a Financial Intermediary Service. This means they work as the ‘middle man’ when making a payment to a supplier on behalf of a participant (click here to see full definition of financial intermediary service). This option is given to NDIS participants in order to uphold the NDIS value of ‘choice and control’.

Virtually Accountable is an independent NDIS Registered Plan Management Service provider and so legally can act as a financial intermediary service on your behalf if you are registered with the NDIS as a participant and have a valid NDIS plan.

The process is very simple. Firsty, The customer ( a.k.a the participant), and the registered business ( a.k.a the service provider) all work together in order to finalise a financial transaction. Ordinarily The customer (participant), purchases the goods and services from a business – this business is the service provider. The service provider then sends the valid invoice to and Virtually Accountable finalises the payment process by way of bank deposit.

This way, the participant does not have to worry about anything, all they have to do is buy the goods or receive the service. Virtually Accountable will then send an end of month statement to the participant by email or post depending on the participants preferences, so that the participant can see all the payments made on their behalf. If there are any concerns or questions the participant can contact our accounts team at anytime to clarify or receive original copies of the invoiced items.

7 Points of Requirements of a Tax Invoice

Our role is to process a claim on behalf of a participant. This is done a valid invoice. An invoice is defined by the Australian Taxation Office, ATO, (7) points of requirements of a tax invoice, GST- free sale, and e-invoicing, in depth. For your convenience, we have enclosed a summary below of what we require to be included on tax invoices to be sent to us. These requirements are built around the ATO’s 7 points of requirements:

The invoice needs to include information such as;
* the participants name,
* the service delivered (preferably including the NDIS item support number) or items supplied,
*date of service/s,
* billing rate,
*the total amount payable,
*the suppliers ABN,
*suppliers contact details (including email, postal address, and contact number),
* the suppliers trading terms,
*an invoice number unique to the invoice provided, and
*the invoice date.

Other important information regarding payment and invoicing

  1. Funded supports are claimed when a valid invoice is supplied, on behalf of a participant. This only occurs with prior consent of payment from the Participant. The Participant can revoke this consent at any time.
  2. Payments from Virtually Accountable is made by way of direct deposit. This will occur in line with agreed trading terms, or minimum 14 days of receipt of invoice date. Therefore, as above, please ensure all invoices also include the suppliers Bank details (Account name, BSB and Account Number). We cannot pay via credit card, cash, cheque or over the phone.
  3. All invoices must be emailed to PDF format is preferred, and any invoices that are not readable will be sent back to the supplier. on receipt, the sender will receive an auto reply. We do not accept word documents as these can be easily altered by anyone at any stage of the payment process. To protect your invoice please, do not send it in a word document.
  4. When payment has been processed, a PDF remittance is emailed to the supplier email provided to Virtually Accountable on the invoice. This remittance will detail, amount paid, the invoice number and payment date. If you have trouble downloading or viewing this remittance or have any questions please email us at
  5. GST is exempt, as per the NIDS price guide and the GST Act 1999, s38.38 ( please note that this does not extend to delivery fees).
  6. Prepayment is not permitted under NDIA guidelines unless the NDIA has given prior approval to the Registered Provider. This must be in writing.

Please direct all questions to Genelle Young, Managing Director, Virtually Accountable, If your question specifically relates to accounts, please contact Megan from our Accounts Team directly at